Sense of Scent is about life from an olfactory perspective. The person behind it is me, Sylvia Ziemski. I am a communications professional and a synaesthete. Sense of Scent started as a side-project that would allow me to learn more about the connections between our sense of smell, psychology and communication and has grown from that.

My interest in scents comes from growing up in an environment and family that nurtured sensory curiosity. Many memories from my childhood are about smelling everything from the weather to vegetables, touching fabrics, tasting new things, listening to not only Sinatra but also the leaves in the wind. I did not think of it then, but as a grown-up I have realised how much this has influenced who I am and how I relate to the world. I didn’t know about synaesthesia until just a few years ago and reading about that made many things fall into place for me. So Sense of Scent is also my way to learn more about that and incorporating it into my professional life with communication, storytelling and brands.