Malle! Olfactif! Chicago!

Dear friends,

I have been quiet for some time. Partly due to traveling. Right now I am in Chicago spending some time with Olfactif, world’s first niche perfume subscription service and exploring the abundance of diversity that this city has to offer. I have noticed there does not seem to be a very visible perfume community here and no famous niche perfume shop. So I imagine perfumistas must be rather grateful that Olfactif is there to surprise and inspire them every month. One place that has really surprised and impressed me though, from a perfume perspective, is Barney’s. Amazing courageous selection of perfumes. I finally got my hands on some Arquiste there and got to try a lot of new stuff. But best of all… guess who’s coming tomorrow?

FRÉDÉRIC MALLE! Barney’s 5 pm – 7 pm. 15 East Oak Street. Chicago. Tomorrow Thursday. If you are in Chicago see you there, right? And Dinara who is in charge of Malle at B is amazing. Talk to her.


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