Yoga for the nose

“I missed my city smells at first. I was not even aware that I had trained my nose and brain so well to write the story of my days navigating between good coffee, bad coffee, fresh ground coffee, pollution-covered gravel, strangers with great shampoo, strangers’ armpits too close, strangers’ lunch selections’ aftermath, the smell of paper and ink fresh from the printer, concrete, flu season, metal, fuel, cinema chairs… But I had forgotten how morning smells on a day when it will rain in the afternoon.”

More about how my moving out into the forest affected my sense of smell in this article in ODOU. ODOU is an amazing inspiring award-winning magazine about all things related to the sense of smell. It is created, designed, edited and produced by graphic designer Liam Moore. There is a brand new issue out that you can get here.

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