I love guiding people into the world of smells and how we are affected. A good way is to do a short workshop where I explain the basics of how our sense of smell works and why hospital smell can be “scary”, an old lovers sweater makes us so emotional or why it is so hard to like a person whose smell bothers us. While talking about this we smell different things and discuss how they make us feel. A workshop is ideally for 2- 20 persons and takes about 2 hours but this can be adapted in various ways.

I have done lectures and seminars about the sense of smell for groups ranging from 10 to 700. Depending on what you are interested in I can create general content or contextualize it more.

If this is something that you are interested in kindly contact me via e-mail at sylvia.ziemski at gmail dot com and we will create something that is right for your specific needs. Travel is no problem.


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