Proud to be in ODOU

ODOU Magazine is an amazing project created by Liam Moore, a graphic and web designer living and working in London, UK.

I am so proud and honored to be featured in Issue no 2 with a piece on smell, memories and loss. This piece is dedicated to my father who died in an accident a few years ago and I share some thoughts on how the sense of smell has supported me both in losing him and in some ways in keeping him.

Issue no 2 of ODOU can be ordered as a printed magazine or downloaded from this page.

This is Liam’s own description of what ODOU is about:

“Smell is the understated sense, the underdog, the riddler; it’s elusive, familiar and arresting. Exploring the sense of smell is so fascinating because it conjures up the deepest memories and strongest emotions. It’s a magazine that explores scent and perfume through themes such as memory, science, art, design, personal reflections, photography and many more.”

ODOU recently got a Jasmine Award for it’s contribution to scent discourse. I hope Liam will receive many more acknowledgments for his passion, ambition and wisdom.


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