Le Labo: Tribute to the rose petal pickers

I love this idea. Le Labo has created a limited edition bag inspired by the bag used by pickers in the rose fields of Grasse. Only 300 bags have been made and each one is numbered. Every bag has been dyed and made by hand in LA (the natural overdye process includes drops of Rose 31, Le Labo’s fragrance that contains the precious Rose Centifolia).

The bag is a tribute to all the pickers who get up before dawn to work in rose fields every morning from mid May to mid June. They gently pick the petals by hand, at that early hour the petals are protected by dew which prevents their perfume from evaporation. After that the petals must be processed through steam distillation within 24 hours to create the best quality and quantity of oil. It takes about 4,000 kilograms of rose petals to produce one kilogram of rose oil which makes Rose Absolute oil amongst the most expensive perfume ingredient in the world.

You can get a Rose Bag here… if you hurry.

(Information and photo from Le Labo)

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