Does music smell?

As I return from some magic days with old and new friends in my beloved happy place Amsterdam I carry many scented memories with me home. Some of these are related to the music experiences. This was truly a music-filled trip and the highlight was seeing Kenyan band Sautisol live, something that I have been looking forward to so much (more on my love for Kenya can be found in this post…). For a synaesthete (great explanation can be found on Olfactif) its more than natural that music and smells resonate and create some really good mind travel. But then you also obviously have the leather of jackets and straps, the metals, the particular sweat of excitement and dance, the rain, the way venues smell both a bit rough and comforting somehow… All this reminds me of something I wrote a while back… “What does a G minor chord smell like?”.

Some time ago I was so happy when some Jasmin Saraï creations arrived in the mail. The perfumes are made by perfumer Dana el Masri (remember when I posted about her brilliant interview with Mandy Aftel way back?) and they are all inspired by music. Love the idea. It’s not uncommon to use music for inspiration but Dana has done so much more through how she incorporates and communicates the links between the fragrance and the song. My favorite so far that I also for some reason really like to bring with me when traveling is Otis & Me.

Sauti Sol soundcheck

Sauti Sol soundcheck

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